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Прикачна пумпа Atman power hang-on filter HF-0600

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Модел на Филтер  Мокност (W) Капацитет(l / h) За аквариуми (L)
 HF-0100 3 160 30
 HF-0300 3.5 300 30-50
 HF-0400 3 450 50-100
 HF-0600 6.5 650 80-150
 HF-0800 9 930 150-200

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Надворешен филтер (тип Hang on филтер) со 3 Филтрирање во системи (механички, биолошки и хемиски). Моќност: 6.5, вати, филтрација волумен: 650 литри / час, погоден за аквариуми до 80-150литри. Димензии: 210 x140 x 2100 mm За морски и слатководни аквариуми. Гаранција: 6 месеци врз доказ за купувањето.

Atman_smallMounted aquarium filters HF SeriesSuspended filter Atman HF-0300

Outside mounted filter got its name due to the fact that the filter housing with built-in pump and filter elements, hung on the wall of the tank on the outside. Extraction of water from the tank occurs through the nozzle located on the inside of the aquarium. The release of water back to the aquarium occurs in the form of a sort of “waterfall”, which promotes mixing of the water inside the aquarium and the enrichment of its oxygen.

Mounted filters Atman HF Series are equipped with reliable and durable pump Atman does not require special care, have built-in flow control of water are made ​​of high quality plastic, equipped with the necessary filter media in the form of removable filtration panels are easy to install and maintain. With this filter can handle anyone, even a novice aquarist.

Features and benefits of the attachment filter Atman HF

  • It does not take place in the aquarium.
  • Safe and quiet operation.
  • Reliability and durability of the pump.
  • Adjustable.
  • Comfortable housing of high-quality plastic.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.

Mounted filters HF adapted for use in an electric 220V-240V, 50Hz.

Table of characteristics of filters Atman HF Series
Model filter Power (W) Capacity (l / h) The volume of the tank (L)
 HF-0100 3 160 30
 HF-0300 3.5 300 30-50
 HF-0400 3 450 50-100
 HF-0600 6.5 650 80-150
 HF-0800 9 930 150-200

All models of internal and external aquarium filters Atman and other manufacturers in a wide assortment in our stores aquarium. You can always get expert advice and buy equipment both wholesale and retail.

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