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Храна за Желки GAMMARUS 250 мл

Храна за Желки GAMMARUS

GAMMARUS dried Gammarus pulex

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Product description

GAMMARUS dried Gammarus pulex . Gammarus pulex are small (2-3 cm) crustaceans of the order Amphipoda. They are an important dietary component of fish in the wild. Dried and easily applicable Gammarus pulex are the source of macronutrients, trace elements and beta-carotene – natural carotenoid. Beta-carotene intensifies fish's coloration, facilitates many physiological processes, keeping fish in excellent condition. But above all, Gammarus pulex are the source of chitin – roughage substance, which regulates digestive processes, protecting fish against dangerous consequences of constipations. GAMMARUS is intended for aquatic and terrestrial turtles as well as large aquarium and pond fish.

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Commercial and logistic data

Code No.Bar code No.ArticlePackingNo. of pcs in one
003015900469003015GammarusSachet12 g– / 25
103235900469103234GammarusTin100 ml12 g6 / 288
103245900469103241GammarusTin250 ml30 g6 / 120
103255900469103258GammarusTin500 ml60 g5 / 105
103265900469103265GammarusTin1000 ml120 g3 / 30

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Храна за Желки GAMMARUS 250 мл

Храна за Желки GAMMARUS 250 мл

GAMMARUS dried Gammarus pulex

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