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Храна за риби SUPERTABIN A 42 гр /92 -таблети


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SUPERTABIN A basic, multi-ingredient adhesive tablets with beta-glucan Multi-ingredient adhesive tablets for everyday feeding of small omnivorous fish, bottom-feeding fish, fry, snails and aquatic turtles. Beta-glucan, a natural immune stimulator, and stabilized vitamin C enhance the immune system and help combat pathogens. A wide range of carefully selected, top quality ingredients, supplemented with optimally balanced vitamins and trace elements, meets the nutritional and energy requirements of even the most demanding species of fish. The ingredient-rich formula of SUPERTABIN A makes it a perfect solution for multi-species tanks. We also recommend other tablet foods such as VEGETABIN A, COLORTABIN, SPIRUTABIN, etc.

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Храна за риби SUPERTABIN A 42 гр /92 -таблети

Храна за риби SUPERTABIN A 42 гр /92 -таблети

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